Fuji Xerox Presents Print Machines For Packaging Products

As the official distributor of Fuji Xerox in Indonesia, Astragraphia continues to deliver the most up-to-date machines
As the official distributor of Fuji Xerox in Indonesia, Astragraphia continues to deliver the most up-to-date machines

Best Technology – Based on data from IDC (2016), the printing industry worldwide continues to grow rapidly until the year 2017 which reached US $ 9 billion or equivalent to Rp 120 trillion. The Example company is Fuji Xerox. This figure has increased significantly compared judi online sbobet to the year 2012 which is USD 5.3 billion. It said that the publishing, printing, packaging and advertising industries will continue to grow by 12 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year for the Asia Pacific region.

In Indonesia alone, the publishing industry grew by 14.9 percent. Followed by the growth of the packaging industry which rose 13.2 percent of the advertising industry 12.1 percent. In view of this development, Astragraphia Document Solution as the leader in the field of document solutions continues to reinforce its commitment to support domestic economic growth.

As the official distributor of Fuji Xerox in Indonesia, Astragraphia continues to deliver the most up-to-date machines and solutions in Indonesia, one of which is printing technology innovation for labeling and packaging printing. In a recent discussion of Print CEO Talk, Astragraphia Document Solution, announced the presence of some of these products.

For the labeling solution, the industrial sector can now choose from the Fuji Xerox Durst Tau 330 Series engine, which is suitable for industrial and security type labels, electronics, automotive, paint labels, food and beverages, body & health care and household products Others.

“Fuji Xerox Durst Tau 330 Series is designed to transform print jobs that take a lot of time on traditional printing to be faster, efficient and profitable,” said Agatha Putra, Production Sales Operation Dept. Head, through its official statement.

“This printer produces fast drying images using substrate materials such as film paper, plastic, aluminum foil and labels using digital UV ink that dries faster than ordinary inks,” he added.

During the discussion, Astragraphia team also introduced packaging solutions for packaging through the Xerox iGen 5 Press machine, one of the latest technologies in the innovative digital press world.

IGen 5 has 5 station options, so users can add or play with more variant print effects and are supported with double speed. One very special feature of this machine is the choice of the fifth ink that is: green / orange / blue so the quality of the prints become more real and riveting. As a manifestation of Astragraphia’s support in supporting the economic growth and creative industries of the country, both Fuji Xerox products have been present and marketed in Indonesia.

HP Strategy Strengthens Printer Business Line

confirmed the range of A3 printer will also be equipped with HP's flagship feature.
confirmed the range of A3 printer will also be equipped with HP’s flagship feature.

Best Technology – Hawlett-Packard (HP) technology agen domino online company demonstrates its consistency of doing business in the world’s printer market. The corporate segment is HP’s primary focus in its bid to win the market.

General Manager, Printing Systems, Asia Pacific and Japan HP Inc. Ng Tian-Chong said there are currently two printer variants for the corporate segment of A4 and A3. Both become HP’s mainstay to boost the world’s printer market share of the world is currently worth US $ 55 billion

“So far, A4 type printers have a market share of more than 30 percent and our target could be the market leader for this segment,” Tian-Chong said in a media discussion

On the other hand, he admits if the current A3 segment is still weak and not as strong as A4. The market share of A3 segments made by HP is currently worth less than 5 percent of the total global printer business.

To win the market competition, Tian-Chong admitted it will combine the skills, brands, and technology gained from HP’s acquisition of Samsung in September. As information, in September 2016 HP reached an agreement to acquire Samsung’s line of printer worth US $ 1 billion. The deal will be completed by September 2017

“The Samsung acquisition will be optimized to strengthen the engine technology for the A3 line – Samsung has it and our target market share can grow into double digits,” he added

Not only rely on Samsung’s proprietary engine technology, he also confirmed the range of A3 printers will also be equipped with HP’s flagship feature. At least three main features such as eakanan, smart device services, and cheap printing costs will be ‘mated’ with the Samsung engine technology.

In addition to optimizing Samsung’s engine technology, Tian-Chong ensures it will continue to sell printers under the brand. According to him, it is done so that consumers do not experience confusion with the transition of business conducted by both companies.

“HP ensures that Samsung will keep the Samsung brand at least two years after the acquisition process is completed so that consumers will not feel confused,” he said.