Tips on How to Overcome Windows that Do not Want to Boot

Computer news – When you are turning on the computer, but Windows is not booting, what should you do? There are various causes when Windows does not boot, so you must first locate the problem.

Fortunately technology is growing rapidly, the new technology you use will make it easier for you. Likewise with Windows, the newer version of Window then it will be even better in terms of recovery from older versions of Window. For example, in the newer Window will try to fix Window automatically with Startup Repair.


Did You Make Changes?

The first thing you should do, make sure the last change you make. Have you just installed the software, updated Window, installed drivers, added new hardware, or did you just unpack the computer? It could be that the software will not boot your computer, the hardware you installed is not compatible, the driver you installed does not match, or you forget to install one of the components inside the PC and many other reasons for your changes.


Already Installed Right With No Power Cord?

If your computer will not turn on completely, make sure the power from your computer is properly installed in an electrical outlet. Also make sure that if the stavolt is on, if it is on but the computer is not ready yet, you may change the power cable or power supply. Another thing you should check if your computer does not turn on is the monitor. If the PC is on but the monitor will not turn on, make sure the monitor’s power cable and hdmi cable are installed in the monitor and PC. In this second step you should check your computer’s power, if all is installed properly but the computer will not turn on. Maybe you should go to the next step.


Black Screen appears with Error Message


If your computer is booting but with a blackscreen monitor display with error messages, such as “no bootable device” or “disk error.” To fix this, you need to enter the BIOS or UEFI firmware settings, then check the boot order settings and make sure the computer boots from the hard drive. If the menu does not have a list of hard drives, your hard drive has failed and can not boot. In this case you can try Windows recovery by inserting the Windows Installation DVD and running Startup Repair. This is done so that Windows makes bootable again. If Windows is going to boot but fail again, maybe you can try the step below.


Windows Freeze or Crash When Booting


When Windows has been through the boot process but failed, whether Window experience freezes or crashes, this may be due to software or hardware problems. If you believe this is a software problem, maybe you can fix it with Startup Repair. If you can not enter the boot menu, insert the Window installation DVD and use the Startup Repair tool. If Startup Repair can not resolve this problem, you may have to reinstall Window. If after the startup repair and reinstall still appear the same problem, it seems this is a hardware problem.


Windows Runs after it BSOD

Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) is a familiar word for Windiws users. When you are experiencing BSOD when Window Runs or Boot, this is because of hardware or software problems. For example when you install a driver or update an unsuitable driver or there is a faulty hardware.

To assure you whether this is hardware or software malfunction, you can try booting Window to Safe Mode. With Safe Mode, Window will not load any additional hardware drivers you install and software that runs automatically at startup time. The computer will run stable in safe mode, try to uninstall the driver or software you just installed, perform system restore or scanning malware. If you are lucky, this step will help you solve your Window booting problem.

If this does not fix your problem, try reinstalling Window or try using the Reset or Refresh feature if you’re using Window 8. This will make your computer new again, if crashes anyway, this means hardware issues.


Secure Your Data

If Window can not boot and you have many important files in it, and you have to re-install Windows. You can save your data using Linux Live CD to secure the file. This is the last step you can do if your Window still does not boot.